Simple tips to patch up those pesky “energy leaks”

Some days it might feel like the well has “run dry”—especially if you’re recovering from an injury or illness. I know first-hand how draining the recovery process can be.

But you certainly don’t need to be sick to feel tired and fatigued.

Just living day-to-day in this stressful “modern” world can quickly sap your energy.

Not to mention, the stress of a pandemic can completely disrupt your life—leaving you exhausted.

So today, I want to tell you how an easy sound technique can help you boost your stamina and energy.

How sound helps you build stamina

Sound helps you build more stamina by alleviating stress.

A 2016 study showed how active sound healing, using the voice, helped participants “switch off” their stress-inducing (and energy-sapping) “fight or flight” system. (You can read more about that here.)  

And self-generated sounds like singing, humming, and chanting all stimulate your vagus nerve—the longest nerve in your body. Here’s one of my favorite easy daily exercises to stimulate your vagus nerve.  

This approach effectively brings your nervous system into a state of balance. And when your body is balanced, it wastes less energy on managing stress, and devotes more of it to healing you.

Could that lack of energy be from low vagal tone?

Stimulating your vagus nerve with self-generated sound also helps improve your vagal tone—which is a measure of how well your body bounces back after experiencing stress.

Simply put, the stronger your vagal tone, the easier it is for your body to return to a state of balance. And the higher your vagal tone, the better your body is at getting back to your optimal healing state. (For a more in-depth discussion about vagal tone, read this.)  

Patch up the leaks

Like patching up a leaky roof, taking action to eliminate your own “energy leaks” can go a long way towards building your stamina and helping you feel more energetic.

In addition to improving your vagal tone with self-generated sound, here are a few more ideas that can help reduce stress:

  • Reduce activities that consume your energy and give you little in return (on my list is limiting news consumption to 10 minutes per day (and never before bed!)
  • Take time to stretch and exercise your body in whatever way you are able to.
  • Try my secret weapon for superior power naps. You can learn more here.

You might be surprised how making simple and quick adjustments to your daily routine can free up “wasted” energy and give you the endurance to deeply enjoy each moment to the fullest.

The truth is, you deserve it!

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About the author

Jim Donovan M.Ed., is a professional musician and educator. He's an Assistant Professor at Saint Francis University where he teaches music and how the power of sound can help you experience a healthier life.