Making Every Note Count – Karl Perazzo of Santana

At the tender age of 2, Karl Perazzo found his purpose: The drums. And since then, he’s become unstoppable…

The self-taught musician has gone on to play with the best in pop, jazz, rock and Latin music—with the likes of Prince, Tito Puente, Mariah Carey, Phish, and Parliament/Funkadelic’s Dennis Chambers… just to name a few.

Since 1991, he’s been playing with legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana, and his band. 

Karl talks to Jim about the deeper meaning he’s found in music, the time he was taught about what it really means to perform, how his instrument reflects his inner-self, and why it’s so important to play like it’s the first time… every time.

Karl also shares the story of his humble beginnings, what he learned from playing alongside some of the world’s most influential music legends, and what still makes him star-struck to this day.

Jim and Karl also recount the times they toured together—when a young, terrified Jim learned some very hard, very embarrassing life-changing lessons.

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