Jim Donovan’s

Jim Donovan’s groundbreaking, science-backed techniques are used by over 50,000 people all over the world. Start today and learn how to experience the whole body health benefits of using sound, rhythm and music.

Sound Solution

Learn how to awaken and stimulate your vagal nervous system using your own Healing Frequency sound. The vagus nerve is part of your body’s “rest, relax, and repair” mode.

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Sleep Now Audio
Sedation ToolKit

Use the science of Jim’s Neuro-Frequency Pattern Tracking (NFPT) to synchronize and slow your brainwaves, gently guiding you to sleep. Includes seven 60-minute sleep soundtracks featuring authentic nature sounds.

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Whole Body Sound
Healing System

Over 32 sound healing lessons for your whole body. Including how to clear and relax your mind with “Brain Humming,” wake up your mind with Brain Revival Exercises, and reduce anxiety with “Heart Humming.”

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Mind Protocol

A new brain health protocol designed to rejuvenate and protect your mind naturally using sound, music, and rhythm. Rhythm has been shown to create new neural pathways and even generate new neurons and synapses in your brain. Build your brain with 34 new walk through video lessons.

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Brain Healing
Audio ToolKit

Designed to synch your brainwaves to activate optimal focus and energy using ancient drumming rhythms. Contains 13 Brain Awake and 14 Brain Focus audio experiences.

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Speed Healing Therapeutic
Audio Toolkit

The sounds, rhythms and guided experience contained in these VEN Therapy audio tools combine cutting edge music therapy research with ancient healing instruments to help boost your body’s built-in ability to heal itself faster.

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